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Jeweled Cocktail Menu

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this project is to create a signature cocktail menu, to add more color and cut cost, i suggested to make half of the menu in a stardream gold cardstock (70% less), and half in yellow pearlized vine scored paper.

here is the gold stardream cardstock, the menu is printed on 5" x 5" cream cardstock. gold stardream cardstock menu is very straight forward, just cut and glue.

this is the yellow pearlized vine scored paper, it has a luxurious texture the bride adores, but more work is required

start with cutting a 5" x 5" cardstock to be wrapped by the pearlized paper. i layer 3 cardstock cuz i wanted the menu to be VERY thick, almost 1/16" thick, it will bring out the texture of the paper even more and stand up to the expected spills at the bar

corners are cut at an angle for a cleaner look when wrapped

all corners are trimmed

wanted a clean sharp line when the card is wrapped, so rather than fold the edges toward the center of the card...

i push it down... i find pushing it better than folding it, cuz i can never fold as close to the edge of the card as pushing it down could. plus, pushing it creates a cleaner line rather than folding.

book binding glue is ideal here, cuz book binding glue has less moisture, therefore the paper doesnt get wrinkly. KEY: LESS IS MORE

fold the flap and smooth it out, make sure all surface of the flap adhere to the card. no air bubbles, please

okay, very neatly wrapped, no wrinkles, no air bubbles

woooo, ready to be blinged out!

a little dab of glue to keep the jewel in place. KEY AGAIN: LESS IS MORE

tweezer is a useful tool to pick up those little pink jewels, my nails do not want to participate in this event

one pink jewel on each side, a little of color goes a long way

woohoo, gold stardream signature cocktail menu, how you like that?

yellow pearlized vine scored version of the cocktail menu, a little fancier