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Letterpress Class - Studio on the Square

i am deeply deeply in love with letterpress work, it has a very unique and different look from the printed ones. cuz i am so obsessed with it, i decided to take a class in nyc. and this is what i found - studio on the square.
the class is very small, so the instructor told us that we could work on whatever project we liked. i decided to start with something simple - my name and my email address pressed on a note card.

"lecture hall", more like a working area with sample work from students

monster press!

old school press, from 1860

closer look of the press (i had butterflies in my tummy standing so close to a monster press for the very first time)

woooo, see all the different fonts and sizes? the dark color drawers are metal types, and the lighter drawers are wood type

all these bars are press furnitures, they are used to keep the types in place during the printing process

above the press furnitures are different colors of ink for the press

woooo, setting type for the very first time! bodoni 18 :)

this is the little setting tool for the types, i already forgot the name of it, BAD STUDENT!

wooohoooo, my types are the smaller silver looking one on the right, it's all locked in place and ready to be pressed!

me at the press, looking silly

final product, pretty huh?