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Photo Book


start with a 10" x 8" museum board and cover it by 11" x 9" gator skin embossed paper. in order to wrap it neatly, corners are cut at an angle

to create a flap to hold the photobook post (post will hold all the loose pages together), strips of cardstock get 2 holes punched

then layered to create thickness.

glue is applied thinnly but evenly

need 2 flaps, 1 to hold the post, another one to cover it for a seamless look

wrap and glue the gator skin embossed paper tightly around the base board

to ensure the flops fold nicely, the groove to be folded is scored

neatly glued and scored, it will fold nicely over the post :)

use the crazy hole puncher (that makes gun shot like sound that led to complaints from neighbors...) to punch holes for the post.

notice only one flap has holes? cuz the posts will go thru only one of the flaps, the other flap is to cover the post, therefore no holes needed.

the flap is done!

repeat all above steps, then you get 2 of them! front and back

final touch, a little black sheep, my personal favorite :)

here is the end product, not bad huh?