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Sweet as a cupcake

Over the weekend I had to create a birthday card to celebrate the first milestone birthday of a little girl named Chloe, she is such a sweet baby, always smiling, giggling and playful.

As I was trying to come up with a theme that would better describe her personality, I thought of a cupcake. Not only I love cupcakes personally, but I thought she is just as adorable, fun and little as a cupcake!

A little fuzzy cupcake was perfect to take center stage, it's as cuddly as the birthday girl. Bottom corners were rounded off to add a bit more fun flare.

The card itself measured 4 x 5.5, my personal favorite size for cards. It's not too small where you have limited space for creativity and not too big where it looks empty, or, often awkwardly spaced out. Plus, it's a perfect size to print on my Kelsey 5 x 8 press.